Home Entertainment Systems

With the global recession sinking it’s clause in many families are looking at ways to tighten their belts to save some cash. Saving cash though usually means having less fun, and if you enjoy seeing movies at the cinema then this means less movies for you. Or does it?

One ticket alone to see a movie can cost up to $15 so taking a family could leave you not much change out of $50 throw in some drinks, snacks, parking and fuel to get there and you’re more than likely looking at around $100. That’s a lot of dollars for one outing. Now imagine this, you can get a really good home entertainment system – that’s DVD player, amplifier and speakers for less than $800. That’s just eight trips to the movies and your systems already paid for it’s self.

A really good home cinema system can recreate that thundering bass of and explosion and the tinkle of shards of broken glass with pin point accuracy, involving you in the action at a fraction of the cost. You can even pause the movie to go to the bathroom! How great is that?

Choosing a home cinema system with small satellite speakers will allow you to unobtrusively position your speakers wherever you want, the bass will be provided by the subwoofer which can be positioned anywhere in the room. Having a sub and sat type system will be suitable for use in any size room, so you will not have the restrictions associated with floor standing or book shelf speakers.